High resolution screen printing, photographic imaging or hand-painted illustrations are reproduced in porcelain paints baked on a steel substrate. Virtually any resolution desired is available with this technique.

Porcelain enamel is durable, scratch-resistant and capable of reproducing virtually any graphic material. Striking color reproduction is possible and full color illustrations are particularly effective. Porcelain is a good choice when strong, vibrant color is of major importance.

Framing and backing materials are required and edges must be effectively sealed and protected.


High resolution digital-imaged or screen-printed graphics are embedded in polymer resins containing ultraviolet inhibitors.

Full-range color graphics can be either digitally printed or screen printed at 1200 dpi and embedded in fiberglass. Fiberglass embedded signs are durable. This material is an excellent choice for signs that require many colors or detailed work such as maps, charts, or extensive graphics. Initially, digital embedments are less costly than screen-printed embedments. However, when multiple identical copies are needed, screen-printed embedments are particularly cost effective.

Framing and backing materials are required.

ALUMINUM Signs (New Product!)

High resolution digital-imaged full-range color graphics are printed at 1200 dpi with UV-inhibited inks and laminated with UV-inhibited laminate on a tough, aluminum double-sided sheet (1/8" thick) with a foam core.

This material is also an excellent choice for signs that require many colors or detailed work such as maps, charts, or extensive graphics. One-eighth inch thick, it will fit standard sign frames used with fiberglass-embedded signs and is a less expensive alternative. Low replacement costs.

Framing and backing materials are required.


Digitized full-color graphics are printed at 400 dpi and incorporated into the surface of high-pressure laminate material.

All computer generated graphics may be reproduced using digital-imaging processes. The initial fabrication is less costly and the production time is shorter. High-pressure laminates are produced in various thicknesses and may be cut to a specific shape.

High-pressure laminate signs may be mounted within a frame or with no frame, depending on the sign thickness.

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